XBT Launches Servers.com

Dallas, Texas, September 16, 2015 - After years of intensive development, XBT Holding SA., proudly announced the launch of Servers.com, the newest addition to the XBT product lineup. Servers.com, an intelligent hosting platform, is truly a one-stop-shop for hosting-related services from Dedicated Servers and Cloud Computing to Storage and DNS, in Amsterdam, Dallas, and soon to come Luxembourg, Moscow and Singapore. Servers.com's portfolio is supplemented by the rare offering of a global network, clocking at 40Gbps on a single server. This substantially increases the value of all hardware and provides many options for a flexible deployment.

To celebrate the launch, Servers.com has announced an extraordinary server package containing the Dell R220, a 4 core CPU and 32GB of RAM server, with 20TB bandwidth included. The range of all dedicated servers available, however, is broader with a single server able to boost 64 CPU threads, 768GB RAM, and 100TB storage. The company's Dedicated Servers meet the requirements of all Big Data tools, like Hadoop, as well as any other demanding applications.

Flexibility wise, Servers.com maintains the highest level by offering up-to-640GB pure SSD Cloud with an upper RAM limit of 64GB, supported by the company's global private network.

"We built our Cloud with a focus on freedom and gave it an extreme amount of options in terms of billing in addition to powering it up with a connection to our global private network," said Servers.com's Project Manager, Nick Dvas. "The global private network ensures true privacy, as each Cloud network is isolated, however it also allows for Cloud to Dedicated server integration."

Servers.com's network includes 20Gbps public and 20Gbps private network to each server. The networks are SPOF-less, meaning that both lack any single points of failure. The public and private networks are independent due to the maintenance of full component redundancy.

In line with this, the company is excited to reveal that it guarantees within-the-hour delivery for stock servers. Extra development has gone into an intelligent system which allocates the provisioned servers at the closest possible range to ensure the lowest latency and the highest network throughput.

Servers.com is a dependable and intuitive global hosting platform which aims to change the way businesses acquire and maintain their hosting environment. With the levels of flexibility on offer, the platform is surely on the right track to bring a broad portfolio of services suitable for all types of ventures, from the large corporations to the smaller entrepreneurs.