is on the Horizon

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 11, 2015 - XBT Holding Ltd. announced that their newest project - is in the final stage of its development. The holding is close to being able to offer a consolidated portfolio of services with a wide utility range and flexible pricing.

"The UX and layout designs are already completed and the engineering is focused on fine balancing", said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, CFO of XBT. "Our companies provide many different services ranging from low latency VPS to powerful enterprise dedicated servers. However, until now to benefit from these services, a customer would have to contact the particular company, without any knowledge of other options. will bring our subsidiaries under one roof, allowing customers to browse, mix, compare and choose the most suitable services."

Apart from the hosting solutions development, providers that aim for a top spot on the market are considering the user experience and functionality of their platforms. For example, the complexity of ordering and configuring particular services is a roadblock for many potential customers. It is especially relevant to SMBs, which do not possess the financial power to employ many hosting specialists.

XBT is an established hosting provider with vast experience in servicing businesses of different size. The knowledge of customer tendencies and preferences has motivated the holding to move towards globalization. The number of sectors that rely on hosting is growing daily and each of them require specific set of features and scale. Most of them benefit from better security but CPU speed, RAM, storage, latency etc., are characteristics that vary greatly from niche to niche. This is what has triggered XBT's decision to facilitate all its services under the same brand -

At launch, the site will feature several of XBT's services with the rest becoming available in time. Dedicated serverscloud, VPS and colocation will be offered out-of-the-box or bundled for distinct requirements. Financial institutions, game developers, Forex companies and others will all be able to find specific offers tailored to meet their unique needs.

We are in the age of competition, in which customers have countless choices. Although providers offer their own version of hosting services, what is changing the most is the way they are delivered. A site has to be intuitive, simple, and at the same time practical. UX design has greater influence and XBT has definitely been moving in the right direction. These are exciting times for everyone who depends on hosting as prices get lowered, platforms upgraded and overall experience improved.