Webzilla Lines-Up Equinix SG1

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 13, 2015 - Webzilla, a global enterprise hosting provider and a subsidiary of XBT Holding Ltd., joined the Singapore-based Equinix Internet Exchange. The move continues the positive relationship between the two companies, as Webzilla is already a member of 7 out of the 19 IXs Equinix operates.  By further strengthening its network and connectivity, Webzilla aims to expand its reach in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Asia-Pacific is drawing significant foreign investment and the development of local economies shows that the trend will continue. Financial institutions, Forex companies, game developers, e-commerce and other businesses that rely on quality IT services are the main reason for the increase in demand. Webzilla has recognized the importance of IXs and the benefits they provide in terms of network, latency and bandwidth.

Equinix is a leading brand in the IX field, operating over a hundred datacenters around the globe. The company is connecting peers at 19 Internet Exchange Point (IXP) locations, positioned in 17 global metropolitan areas. Their services are among the most revered in the industry due to their consistent end-to-end performance, speed and overall excellent reliability. The Singapore branch has more than 16,000 square meters of colocation space, soon to be upgraded through a third datacenter that will open in 2015.

Equinix's SG1 IX, which Webzilla joined, maintains the highest standards in terms of security, both physical and electronic. All ingress and egress to the DC buildings is managed with control lists. In addition, there is an intelligence control & alarm system, motion detectors and a network of CCTV recorders. In terms of connectivity, the IX has established an excellent connection to the international and regional networks. This guarantees access to almost 190 networks, which allows for widespread leverage of service and creates a business ecosystem that is beneficial to both the companies and their customers. Moreover, the IX operates on a well-developed hybrid platform, offering optimal performance through top-tier fiber-optic connection. As the demand for Webzilla's new cloud solutions continues to increase, the company will greatly benefit from Equinix's hub and its stemming advantages.

Already a member of the biggest IXs in Europe, the German DE-CIX and the Dutch AMS-IX, Webzilla will significantly reduce latency to the Asia-Pacific. This will be particularly important to industries like Forex, which rely on speed of execution. Furthermore, Webzilla will also be able to provide extra redundancy and quality bandwidth to a broader customer base that share an interest in the region.

"We are glad to announce that we have joined SG1 IX. Our working experience with Equinix has been nothing short of positive. At Webzilla, we value professionalism and integrity which, together with technological excellence, is exactly what Equinix has shown us," said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, CFO of Webzilla. "Our growth in the region is mainly due to the pursuit of quality and reliability. Adding IXs to our portfolio will assist us not only in maintaining but also improving our standards."