Webzilla Bytes-Up Its Cloud Storage

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 06, 2015 - Webzilla, part of XBT Holding Ltd., announced today the expansion of their cloud storage service, Instant Files, fuelled by a rapid increase in demand. The move represents the growing confidence in the cloud and proves that the breakthroughs made in the area of cloud security are effective. Due to Webzilla's constant growth, this is already the second increase in storage capacity.

Where businesses, which operate with sensitive data, have previously preferred local storage, recent years have witnessed a change in the mindset regarding the use of cloud storage. In-house storage solutions are, despite stronger limits to the number of people with access to it, more prone to outages, hardware failures and other hazards that can result in data loss. Now, following serious developments in security, an increasing number of companies and individuals find the cloud storage more practical and reliable.

Webzilla's experience on the IaaS market has allowed them to remain prepared for the burgeoning demand. Each trimester since 2013, when the company first introduced cloud storage, has recorded an average increase of 500 terabytes. Moreover, in the period between November 2014 and January 2015, the storage consumption has expanded with one petabyte, reaching 3000 terabytes. Expectations are for the demand to further inflate in the next months, as Webzilla continue to develop their security infrastructure.


"According to the analysts, one of the top spending priorities for companies in 2015 is going to be Storage. Having this in mind, we expect that this is not the last time we increase our capacity," said Nikolay Dvas, Project Manager of Webzilla. "Instant Files was developed with focus on flexibility and the users' response has been very positive. Cloud storage provides freedom and the demand for it is not a surprise."

In addition to the high-end security mechanisms, Webzilla's Instant Files benefits from a polished CDN integration, broad CMS support, and triple redundancy. However, scalability is what makes cloud storage the flexible service it is. Despite the amount of planning, customers are unable to achieve 100% accuracy when it comes to predicting data loads and having the ability to scale their infrastructure allows them to focus on the core of their business. The increase in demand for Webzilla's Instant Files is representative of the service's combined qualities.

Webzilla's move to boost storage capacity shows not only the qualities of the service, but also the eagerness that users have exhibited towards adopting it. Demand is rising rapidly and the future of cloud storage appears to be bright.