IBEE Expands into North America

Hyderabad, India, 17 December 2014 - IBEE Solutions, mobile app developers and hosting providers based in India, announced their expansion into North America. For the base of operations, IBEE have chosen Dallas, Texas.

With years of experience in application development and a proven track record in India, the company aims at North America and its growing need of quality solutions. IBEE relies heavily on implementation of advance technology for its development process. The company is best known for its multi-device approach and focus on the quality of user experience.

"Application development is as much science as it is art. Our goal is to create the best possible product including, the newest achievements in architecture building and security. However, none of this would matter if we didn't pay utmost attention to the users. After all, the apps we create are aimed at them, the users, and their experience will show whether we did a good job or not", said Jay Ellison, founder of 1-800-HOSTING, Inc (sister company of IBEE).  "We have worked with major companies in India. Those projects gave us the confidence to expand and bring our skills to North America. It is a very demanding market but we are sure our commitment to making secure, high-performance applications that focus on the user experience, will ensure success."

IBEE's plans are to service the mobile app market while remaining true to their ideology. The company will develop for iOS and Android as the most widespread, at the moment. Bringing their experience to NA, IBEE is confident that their ingenuity will provide benefits to a variety of spheres. In the age of startups, every good idea is hanging on the balance between execution and novelty. While entrepreneurs focus on the core of the startup, app developers provide the know-how and peace of mind when it comes to the infrastructure, layout and user experience.

In today's business world, exposure and brand awareness are of utmost importance. As such, they require a medium for delivery. More and more companies find such medium in mobile apps, which span from simple informational to complex engaging and highly interactive. Enterprises expand their reach and deliver their message to a wider audience.

Another group that is influenced by the popularity of the mobile device are the utilities. They already allow for payments to be made online but apps bring it further with virtually no restrictions. Considering the amount of payments made each month, security is one of the major factors in choosing an app developer. E-commerce is similar in terms of security requirements as large amount visitors and payments require immaculate system organization.

With years of experience, IBEE plan to hold nothing back and enrich the North American field of app development. Extensive knowledge of hosting and hosting infrastructure goes hand in hand with engineering stable, innovative and secure applications.