XBT + 3. The Holding's New Acquisitions

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 17 June 2014 XBT Holding Ltd. is a rapidly growing global Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) business, founded in 2010, currently based in Cyprus. Managing over 18,000 servers, the company caters to enterprise, medium and small sized customers in the US, Europe and Asia. Some of XBT's main services include Cloud, Dedicated Hosting, CDN and Colocation.

The intensive growth, XBT is experiencing, is largely due to the company's focus on delivering services in the developing regions. The same services that the North American and a large part of the European customers already enjoy. Managed servers have increased to 18,000, up from 10,000 in 2012. Strengthening its natural growth, XBT is focusing on strategic acquisition of assets, to expand its portfolio.

In 2012 XBT acquired Root S.A., 800-Hosting, IBEE Solutions and 8 To Infinity. Following these successful acquisitions and stimulated by the gained experience, during the past 15 months, the company has acquired ddos.com, datacenter.com and servers.com. The acquisitions represent the future value and with the shrinking pool of available high-demand domains, XBT has secured a flexible path for expansion, fitting the company's long term plans.

December, 2013 - The focus of hosting domain name professionals, servers.com was acquired by XBT at an auction in Dallas, US, for a reported $300,000. After an aggressive expansion into the US and Asian markets, the company focused on creating "an automated and standardized hosting platform for small to medium scale business customers (SMB). The platform will offer much greater diversity of service formats in one package, which gives the customers all the needed solutions and business tools under one roof, including flexible targeting and service pricing based on user's action data analysis. The new domain name will let us consolidate our regional brands in one," said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, CFO of XBT Holding Ltd.

January, 2014 - The domain datacenter.com was acquired by XBT for $500,000. With plans to build datacenters in the US, Europe and Asia, the holding secured a fitting addition to represent the existing and future datacenter base.

February, 2014 - XBT acquired ddos.com for $100,000. The meaning of the acquisition is beyond the security community, as XBT's plans to create its own toolset for neutralizing and preventing DDoS attacks are already in motion. Infrastructure security report of Arbor Networks shows that service provider and enterprise environments alike, are experiencing DDoS attacks as the No.1 operational threat.

"The current global business conditions favor flexible, expansion oriented companies like XBT. We recognize the importance of targeted development and maintain a steady stream of fresh opportunities to continue delivering what our customers require," Rajesh Kumar Mishra, CFO of XBT Holding Ltd. "Diversification of our service portfolio has always been our focus. What makes XBT so successful is the fact that it is more than the sum of its parts. While the different projects are specialized, they all work together to achieve the fluidity necessary to compete on a global scale."