Webzilla Gains a Foothold in India

Webzilla offers enterprise-grade dedicated servers in India with a 25% discount

Hyderabad, INDIA, July 25, 2013--Webzilla, global provider of high-performance hosting and network solutions, part of XBT Holding, Ltd., today announced its expansion into the Indian market. Following the introduction of its services in Singapore in 2012 this is the next big step in Asia. The company will offer full-scale hosting solutions portfolio to businesses of all sizes looking to develop their online presence in the region.

Further extending its global reach to the Asia-Pacific Webzilla chose Hyderabad, India's leading IT and engineering consultancy city, to become its new hub for delivering custom-designed dedicated hosting and colocation services. Earlier this year Webzilla obtained there scalable dedicated space of 1,000 square feet in a modern tier 4 datacenter. Starting off with 650 servers Webzilla plans to double its capacity in less than 6 months. To mark the commencement of its operations in India Webzilla grants 25% off the prices offered by local providers for the purchase of up to 5 new servers.

"The company's new facility conforms to the highest power, security and energy efficiency standards with autonomous power supply, layered authentication and state-of-the-art HAVC systems," said Konstantin Bezruchenko, CTO at Webzilla. "This makes our new location a number one choice for hosting mission-critical business data, corporate websites and applications that require maximum availability guarantees."

"There is an increased activity of late from Indian businesses to come online while new e-commerce websites are being started every day. Numerous international corporations are also driving up the demand for IT infrastructure solutions by extending their operations to the booming Indian market," said Rajesh Kumar Mishra, CFO of Webzilla. "Webzilla's mission is to deliver to local and international players the same level of service excellence as enjoyed by our customers around the world. Solid local technological platform and extensive international expertise give Webzilla a competitive advantage that is hard to match."