Universal CDN Switches to Anycast DNS

Load balancing of DNS requests provides faster delivery of content for customers

DALLAS (FL), May 9, 2013 -- Universal CDN (UCDN), a U.S.-based high-performance content delivery network, part of XBT Holding, announced today that it is rolling out a new, more modern method of handling DNS requests, based on IP Anycast routing.

Anycast works by directing users to the closest domain name server allowing them to resolve their request for a given domain name more efficiently. This load balancing of DNS requests means that when a customer clicks a link they will start receiving their content faster. It will tremendously increase the speed at which UCDN delivers content to end-users.

The new architecture has been implemented at UCDN's premises in Europe, North America and Asia (Singapore).

The benefit will be felt by all UCDN customers, particularly game developers who thanks to faster file transfer times will be able to offer much more responsive games to their customers.

Recent reports from DFC Intelligence said the global market for gaming will rise from $67bn in 2012 to $82bn by 2017. According to the report the biggest driver of that growth will be online gaming, which will rise from $19bn in 2011 to $35bn by 2017.

That rise will only happen if content delivery networks can cope with the increased demand. Content delivery networks are the perfect solution for service providers looking for a reliable, resilient and low-latency way to deliver content-rich services such as online gaming.

"The gaming industry has seen dramatic growth over the past few years. UCDN has a strong focus on supporting customers in this industry and we aim to do everything possible to help them develop faster and increase revenue on a global gaming marketplace," said Konstantin Bezruchenko, XBT Holding CTO.