• 12,000CustomersAcross Most Data Intensive Industries

  • 37000ServersAround the

  • 40CountriesServiced on 3

  • 5DatacentersIn Asia, Europe & N.America

  • 1,500Gbps NetworkPrivate Multihomed Backbone

Investor FAQ

Got questions?

which companies are parts of xbt holding?

The following companies are operating under XBT Holding: Webzilla, Fozzy, Root, Servers.com, Universal CDN, IBEE Solutions and IP Transit.

Where are the Holding's facilities and offices located?

The Holding's facilities are located in the US (Dallas), Europe (Amsterdam, Luxembourg) and Asia (Singapore, Hyderabad). The offices are in Amersfoort (The Netherlands) and in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, US).

What is the Holding's corporate status?

XBT Holding S.A. is the parent entity of a group of companies based all over the globe, including:

- Webzilla Limited
- Webzilla Inc
- IP Transit Inc
- Dedicated Servers LLC
- Webzilla B.V
- TM Web Properties Ltd

XBT Holding S.A. Is a company duly established under the Laws of Luxembourg.

How many employees does the XBT Holding have?

As of 2017, the Holding has about 300 employees.

Who are XBT Holding's competitors?

This information is provided in the Holding's annual reports.

Who are XBT Holding's customers?

The holding's customers are companies in need of data handling, storage, transfer and recovery, cloud services and application development.

Who are XBT Holding's partners?

XBT Holding partners with most major Tier 1 networks and enterprise level equipment manufacturers (DELL, Juniper Networks and Supermicro) to ensure high-speed international connectivity as well as to provide customers with the most reliable hardware solutions.

Does XBT have a public offering?

As of February 2017, the Holding does not have a public offering and does not sell its stock on the open market.

How can I invest in XBT? Can I purchase stock directly from the company?

Please contact XBT Holding Investor Relations representative.

Does XBT Holding pay a cash dividend?

Please contact XBT Holding Investor Relations representative.

How do I contact XBT Holding Investor Relations?

You can contact XBT Holding Investor Relations with questions related to XBT Holding and XBT Holding stock at:


Phone: +357.25.345.346

When does XBT Holding's fiscal year end?

The Holding's fiscal year ends in December.

How can I view the quarterly and annual reports online?

You are welcome to view both quarterly and annual reports directly on our site.

Who are XBT Holding's independent auditors?

XBT Holding's independent auditor is KPMG.

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