• 12,000CustomersAcross Most Data Intensive Industries

  • 37000ServersAround the

  • 40CountriesServiced on 3

  • 5DatacentersIn Asia, Europe & N.America

  • 1,500Gbps NetworkPrivate Multihomed Backbone

About us

Who we are

We are striving to deliver cutting edge cloud, managed dedicated hosting, server housing, network solutions and web development services to customers around the world. The holding is privately owned and has an active merger and acquisition attitude backed up by great financial results throughout all operation cycles.

Plans are in order to continue influencing the development of the IT sector in the emerging markets.

Our history

8 Years of Success, Development and Innovation

By the year 2011 there were 4 subsidiaries on 3 continents, including the holding's own traffic operator, IP Transit. XBT's growth was due to expansion in emerging regions, offering similar quality of service, reliability, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, available to customers in the more mature US and European markets. During 2012 and 2013 the holding made use of its dynamic acquisition strategy reaching 11 subsidiaries and increasing its presence in emerging markets with strategic expansion in Singapore and India. Recently, the holding saw the merger of subsidiaries to achieve higher level of performance, leading to a total of 7.

What we do

IT infrastructure as a competitive advantage, NOT a cost center

At XBT Holding we believe in creating hosting and network solutions able to propel your business moving forward. Our team knows how to turn IT infrastructure into a business-enabling engine that will deliver the desired level of flexibility and optimize operational costs.

Through XBT subsidiaries customers receive the best-in-class services at all levels of IT ecosystem.

Enterprise Apps

Using the latest strategies in application development, XBT offers integrated services enabling your business to stay ahead of the technological curve. The holding relies on experts, in the field of mobile and social media, to maximize the benefits while sustaining security and reliability.

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OS support for managed hosting clients

XBT boosts a plethora of operation systems to choose from. Setup and installation is in the hands of an in-house team of experts that guarantees express delivery and reliability. Having a suitable OS has never been easier.

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Server and storage equipment for rent or purchase

Hardware plays an integral part in the IT sector and as a leader in the field, XBT entrusts only the highest quality parts for its servers. Maintaining flexibility with different power output segments ensures the best price to performance ratio.

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High speed broadband with low latency

Facilities linked through a private backbone network provide unmatched data transfer performance while 24/7 connectivity supports any high load applications. XBT's day-to-day traffic shows the optimal level of stability necessary to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

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State-of-the-art datacenters

Server and communication equipment requires high quality maintenance. Our datacenters provide not only the right conditions, including temperature and humidity at optimal levels, but also constant performance monitoring to guarantee secure operational environment in cases of hardware and power failures.

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Our strategy

Our mission

XBT's mission is to deliver quality. From the hardware we use in our datacenters to the specialists working 24/7 to maintain the level of satisfaction of our customers, no single property of our business is more important than quality. We aim to expand our reach and let more people enjoy the benefits of our work.

Our philosophy

We believe that meeting the requirements is not enough! Technological advancements and reliable software provide a solid base to our customers. However, at XBT this is just a part of the process. True success comes with innovation and not only being in line with the standards but exceeding them by giving more for less.

Our promise

The holding's promise is to adapt. In a modern day of business environment, there is no greater trait than the ability to always find a solution. Combining stability with flexibility, warrant our clients that no task is too big or too complicated and the goal will always be to keep improving all levels of customer service.

What clients say

Since we outsourced server infrastructure to XBT, we have seen substantial reductions in both CAPEX and OPEX while having all the power, capacity and bandwidth we could possible need. Now it is a lot easier to distribute our IT-infrastructure budgets transparently and efficiently. On top of that, the professionalism shown by their specialists has never let us down and we are sure to expect the same level of quality at all times.

Game Insight

XBT's hosting solutions provided us with the security and ultra-low latency required by today's advanced Internet trading technologies. It is what customers have come to expect from one of the world's leading online foreign exchange brokers and without a trustworthy partner we would not have been able to maintain the same high quality of service. XBT has been consistently the solution to every IT problem we face.


As an advertising network, we store huge amount of data that needs to be available anytime. With XBT's servers we are able to maintain this 24/7 availability as well as achieve substantial reductions in operational costs. We are yet to face a power outage or a hardware malfunction and this continues to show that XBT is the right partner when it comes to IT.


XBT's world-class infrastructure serves as the ultimate framework in allowing us to effectively support our games, applications and users on the back-end. Modern day gaming requires high-end hardware and uninterrupted operation and XBT has proven that their technological know-how is on par with the latest achievements in the field. Combining safety protocols and backup methods integration makes them our partner of choice in our fast paced sector.

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Our Customers

Trusted provider for over 1,000 businesses from the most data intensive industries

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XBT Expert Team is always at your service.

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